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tv   Kennedy  FOX News  December 19, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm PST

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report right here on fox at 7:00 p.m. eastern. and i'll wish you a happy and a merry christmas. >> same to you, my dear. >> i'll be here tomorrow without you. we'll be missing you. >> yeah, right. >> i'm jealous, that's all. . hi. i'm eric bowling in for bill o'reil o'reilly. thanks for watching this special edition of "the factor" election 2016. as the year comes to a close, a dramatic change in tone from president obama. remember how he famously said the isis terrorists were, quote, contained, just a day before the paris terrorist attacks. but at his year-end press conference, obama upped his rhetoric against the terrorist group. >> we're going to defeat isis. we're going to do so by systemically squeezing them, cutting off their supply lines, cutting off their financing, taking out their leadership, taking out their forces.
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taking out their infrastructure. >> president obama sounded strikingly similar to a person who wants his job. >> it is not enough to contain isis. we must defeat isis, break its momentum, and then its back. and not just isis, but the broader radical jihadist movement that also includes al qaeda, and off-shoots like al shabaab in somalia. >> it's no surprise that hillary got out in front of obama on the isis issue as the president's polling on terrorism continues to sag. a new fox news poll shows just 33% of voters approve of president obama's handling of isis, with 58% disapproving. joining us now with reaction in los angeles, nomiki konst, founder and executive director of the accountability project. and in tampa, florida, adam goodman, the gop communications strategist. adam, does president obama know how to fight the war on terror?
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>> he is completely out of his element the press conference we just saw earlier today, i think he had more passion for isis. instead of giving us a paternal hug up in the oval office that we're going to be okay, he gives us a lecture. and we seem to have a leader who's looking the other way. so this press conference was more of the same. he is uncomfortable in this role as commander in chief, i think it showed again. >> no, nomiki, did you hear anything new from the president today? >> absolutely. and i disagree with adam wholeheartedly. i don't think adam watched the press conference until the end when there was that "star wars" reference. what the president did today is he explained what he's accomplished, what the
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administration has done with the rest of the world, with the coalition of arab states, the world coalition in attacking isis at its core in iraq and in syria, in fact, so much so, they've lost 20% of its territory, and they continue to talk about the continued plan of combatting isis, which is everything from combatting their funding sources, to the online organization, to, you know, furthermore, but the problem is the republicans out there who are campaigning are so busy fearmongering that they expect the president -- >> hold on, hold on -- >> -- carry on. >> a lot of voters, and we have a fox news poll that shows that a lot of voters feel president obama is underwater on how he's handling isis. and adam, i didn't hear anything new. i hear more of the -- the strategy is working, meanwhile, let's continue to do it. meanwhile, people are dying in san bernardino and there are more terror plots that james comey is telling us about.
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>> well, nomiki is clearly in the minority of the few people who seem to both understand and buy into his strategy. the number one issue in america today is national security. personal security, and i think we have, frankly, not just isis, but the president's tepid response to thank for that. let me offer this. for a year i've had the opportunity to work with and around rudy giuliani. if you're a public leader, you report out clearly, substantively, as often as possible, and you reassure people you're on top of it. whatever the "it" is. we've seen that with a lot of the governors in the presidential race. jeb bush and chris christie as they face both natural and man-made disasters. we have not, eric, to this moment, gotten that feeling from the president, as he talked today at the press conference about isis and the war on terror, you could tell it was very difficult for him to muster up the kind of visceral -- >> he didn't have -- he didn't have a lot of emotion. and he promised to have had more
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emotion. in fact, he admitted that he didn't have -- he didn't tap into the anxiety of the american people. frankly because i think he said he didn't watch enough cable news. >> that was an off the record conversation with "the new york time times". but that's not his job. his not to be a cheerleader or a fearmong fearmonger. his job is to keep calm and carry on and report to reporters in the room what his administration is doing and what they have done so far. and you know what, i want to see a leader who i trust and who can keep calm when the entire world is spinning out of control. when people are throwing out things like banning all muslims and -- >> you know what's egregious to me, nomiki, when it will question was asked about san bernardino, within maybe -- maybe even less than 20 seconds or so, he brought in a gun control debate. he said, well, let's really worry about those mass shootings, as well. in other words, people are worried about terror and he wants to bring up gun control. >> well, the mass shootings are also terror. they're both done by lone
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wolves -- >> the san bernardino was done by muslim extremists. san bernardino, let's be honest, was done with muslim extremists. adam, am i wrong? >> but also lone wolfs. >> you're totally right. nomiki, i urge you to go hit the history books and look back to the second world war where we had two leaders over in england by the name of churchill and chamberlain -- >> yeah, keep calm and carry on. >> hold on a second. the american people, the reason they are very upset, anxious, angry, and impatient for leadership, and you can see it in the national security numbers, whatever the president, you might suggest, is trying to do, he is failing to convince the american people to rally around the flag and feel confident as we move into and beyond the holidays. >> let's talk about gitmo for a second. he's talked about gitmo. there are 107 gitmo detainees still there. he also seemed to indicate that he wants to liquidate gitmo. he's got a year left in his presidency. it's one of his campaign promises. looks like he wants to do it. i don't know, sounds like he
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wants to hand gitmo back over to the cubans when he goes to visit them at the end of his presidency. >> if he said by the end of his presidency, as early as the start of 2016, gitmo will be down to about 100 high-terror suspects. those are the once that will have to go through a military tribunal. a lot of people that were put in gitmo had no relationship with terrorists at all. in fact, they may have had similar names not even the same names. they were pulled off the streets. that was a terrible thing that happened. >> nomiki, 18% of the gitmo detainees that we let out return to the battlefield. they want to kill americans. >> there were a couple in belgium that did just that. i think that gitmo represents the front line in the war on terror. and the president, from the very first day in office, have been trying to close it. i think it's a symbol of american fighting back and i think we need to keep it in play. >> i'll have to leave it right there. >> you're confusing al qaeda with isis. >> got to go. >> up next, donald trump and
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in the impact in the impact segment tonight, is there a trump/putin bromance going on? donald trump has promised that he would, quote, get along very well with russian president vladimir putin. and in a three-hour press conference thursday, putin seemed to endorse trump's sentiment, calling, trump, a quote, bright and talented person, and the absolute leader of the presidential race. here's how trump reacted. >> i welcome it. i think it's great. i think that's what should be happening. i mean, his dislike for president obama and it's a mutual thing, is terrible. that's why you see all the conflict, all the problems, all the hatred. we should be able to work, we
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can work with russia. that's not a good thing. and i'm greatly honored by his statement. i think it's terrific. >> with us now in new york, katrina pearson, a spokesperson for the trump campaign. and with us from los angeles, kurt slikter, a conservative columnist and an attorney. so, kurt, the putin/trump mutual admiration, a good thing for trump's campaign or not? >> i think this is terrible, eric. next i expect to see him riding down the beach shirtless on horseback together holding hands. it's kind of disgraceful. putin is our enemy. but coming from a guy who can't tell you what the nuclear triad is, i'm not real surprised that he's slobbering over dictators. at least they're not leftist dictators like obama prefers. >> i take it you're not a fan of trump just yet. katrina, what about the theory of getting along with russia rather than having them as a potential nuclear enemy? >> i think what we're talking about here is the global risk we
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have with terrorism. we have already had this discussion, even in the debate, talking about, do we or don't we take assad out, when the pattern of taking out dictators in the middle east has created a vacuu. you have someone like vladimir putin, for someone like all the power leaders and he just says, i recognize the leadership and strength in donald trump. and it was just that simple. >> fair enough, but he is vladimir putin is a bad guy. he's not a good guy, by any means. so maybe you would want to push back on someone like vladimir putin endorsing you. >> well, he didn't endorse -- the american people to choose their president. but i think it's clear with regards to isis, specifically isis, we do have to work with other world leaders who are willing to take on isis, unlike the current administration and others, even b.b. netanyahu said that it's not a wide thing to take out assad right now because we need to get control of terrorists. >> kurt? well, eric, you know, the
2:14 pm
problem is, that barack obama is so incompetent, so feckless, so utterly useless that he makes almost anybody look good by comparison. so you can actually look at how putin's handling isis and go, well, he is killing some of them, so i've got to give him that. but, look, donald trump palling around with dictators in a mutual admiration society, it's unbecoming and disgraceful. i was actually in germany in uniform, waiting for the guys in the army vladimir putin was in to come over the border. so i remember these guys and i know what ex-kgb like putin are all about. we shouldn't be kissing up to them. >> kissing up? >> palling around? i don't think that's quite palling around, but we have a lot of the gop which has caused some of the rift in the party that want to go to war all the time. and there are some who would be happy with perpetual wars and we're not at that place anymore. and what good does it do to have a good nuclear triad if you're afraid to use it?
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that's where we are today. and we need to be discussing how we fix these problems, not just complaining and name calling about oh, who started this, who started that. eric, most people today, if you're a democrat, you're stuck in the '60s. if you're a republican, you're stuck in the '80s. most people today are right here in 2015. and they want somebody who's going to go to bat for them and right now donald trump seems to be -- >> kurt, let me throw this at you. the positive thing about vladimir putin, he taught president obama what it's like to really wage war against isis. and you're seeing it in syria, you're seeing it in parts of iraq, mostly syria, i guess, with the russians. but at least president obama is opening his eyes. really, 2,000, 3,000 stories in a week versus a couple of hundred. >> you know, the real story about isis, eric, is if you want to win against isis, you have to actually defeat him. which means putting in army forces and marines on the ground to go in and destroy the enemy. not this pinpoint bombing
2:16 pm
nonsense, not a lot of photo ops that the counterterrorists -- >> don't you get the impression that donald trump is the kind of guy that would want to do that. i think he said he wanted to bomb the "f" out of them. >> maybe he does today. what's he going to want to do tomorrow? this guy is totally inconsistent. >> i think he's been pretty consistent, kurt. you have to admit. he's, very consistent with his position on iraq. >> is it too much that he know what the nuclear triad is? i mean, katrina, the point of the nuclear triad is to be afraid to use the damned thing. you want to scare the hell out of the other side. barack obama's not doing it. and frankly my side will be more scared if donald trump gets his finger on the button. >> you will have to concede that for the last couple of election cycles, the republican party has failed to deliver a candidate that would succeed. >> you're right about that. romney, ech. >> you have republicans, the same republicans that are telling us today that donald
2:17 pm
trump can't beat hillary clinton when they can't even beat donald trump. you have republicans today say who say, he can't win, he's not going to do it, but he's been doing it, he is winning over people, he is winning over independents, he is bringing over women and democratics. why is it that the republicans who have failed for the last two cycles in a row trying to tell the american public, or more important, their own voters, just how wrong they are. >> kurt, if there is one thing, you think the world leaders, putin, xi in china, they have to say, this donald trump guy, i'm not sure what he's up to, i'm a little afraid of it, not unlike a ronald reagan. >> well, it is unlike ronald reagan, because they were afraid of ronald reagan because they understood he was a confident guy surrounded by confident guys and he wasn't going to back down. with donald trump, it's like, hey, i don't want to make a sudden move around him, because this guy is crazy. holy cow, who wants to give donald trump -- >> i don't know. it's the crazy ones you have to worry about. it's the crazy ones you're not
2:18 pm
sure what's going to happen. >> but i shouldn't be the one worrying! >> we're going to leave it right there, kurt. thank you very much, katrina. directly ahead, things are getting tense between marco rubio and ted cruz on all things immigration. we'll tell you about that, up next. sure, tv has evolved over the years.
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bigger. thinner. even curvier. but what's next? for all binge watchers. movie geeks. sports freaks. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. in the election 2016 segment tonight, c in the election 2016 segment tonight, cruz versus rubio. things are getting nasty on the campaign trail with ted cruz and marco rubio, with each potential candidate accusing the other of misrepresenting their respective records on the issue. this week cruz was challenged on fox news about what seemed like his past support for legislation that would have granted a pathway to legalization for illegal immigrants. >> it sounded like he wanted the bill to pass. >> of course i wanted the bill to pass, my amendment to pass.
2:22 pm
what my amendment did -- >> you said the bill. >> -- is take citizenship off the table. but what it doesn't meansy supported the other aspects of the bill, which was a terrible bill. >> how will this immigration battle affect the 2016 race? joining now in san diego, syndicated columnist, ruben navarrette. and here in new york, kelly ann conway. ruben, break it down for us. i don't want to go into the weeds how an amendment is attached to a bill and the person who writes the amendment wants the bill to pass or not. tell me where cruz is right now on immigration and maybe where rubio is. who's telling the truth, who's not? >> ted cruz is in real trouble here. i've got to say this, i've known ted for 15 years, he's a friend of mine, i hope when this is all said and done, we'll still be friends. but i've got to say, he's in trouble here, because where he has typically been very consistent and strong on immigration, and marco rubio has ironically been the one who's been all over the map and inconsistent and seems to contradict himself, now those roles have reversed. now everybody is very clear about where marco rubio stands
2:23 pm
and has stood. and ted has muddied the waters, basically advocating and saying he proposed an amendment to a bill that would have legalized undocumented immigrants. but knowing that he doesn't want to legalize undocumented immigrants. you have to think really hard to wrap your head around that kind of logic. >> i do have to wrap my head around that. and i don't want to debate how bills work and amendments work, but has ted cruz flip-flopped on the issue, kelly? >> no. and i respectfully disagree with ruben completely. you're absolutely right that marco rubio's position on immigration is very clear. one of these two senators stood by chuck schumer and barack obama as the gang of eight and one did not. that's what republican primary voters and caucusgoers will know and take into the ballot box in a couple of short months. rubio started this fight by locking on to chuck schumer. there's endless footage of him pushing for amnesty.
2:24 pm
ted cruz -- you don't want to talk about legislation, but it's important for us to know there's something called a poison pill in legislation. it means you offer amendments to a bill, trying to expose what you don't like about the bill and ultimately hope to kill it. we don't have barack obama, chuck schumer's idea of amnesty as law today, because people like ted cruz stood up against it. last night on this network, on hannity, mike lee said ted cruz is 100% -- >> so you load up the bill with amendments so it fails -- you want it fail because you don't want the democrats to have 12 million new voters. >> here's an important question. i think the voters who are watching right now, hispanic voters and nonhispanics as well want to know, on one side of this debate you have donald trump, very, very strong against immigration, et cetera, reform, whatever. on the other side, you have the perception of marco rubio being the softest on the issue. where is ted cruz? is he some -- is he in the
2:25 pm
middle? and who is he close to? rubio or trump? >> he will be on one side when it suits him and he'll be on the other side. >> that's completely unfair. have you even looked at his website. go to, what do you see? 11 pages on immigration reform -- >> i was quiet and polite -- let me speak. >> have you read it? i've read the entire thing. >> don't change the subject. we've all seen those courtroom dramas where they say to the witness, were you lying then or are you lying now? if ted cruz and his surrogates want to go with the idea this is a poison pill amendment, that's fine. all he has to confess to is he lied back then -- >> he doesn't have to confess to anything. what are you talking about? >> when he spoke to all those groups and said he wanted the bill to pass and the goal was to get it passed, either ted was lying then or he's lying now. any supporter has to come grips
2:26 pm
with the fact that he either lied then or lied now and he'll lie again. >> i hope you're getting $500 every time you say "lie." i know voters. that's what i do. i'm a professional pollster. i want all the smart people who are watching tonight, the voters, to go to and read on his website what his idea on immigration. you'll see on there. >> here's the thing. i like ted a lot, but as a journalist -- >> he goes a lot further. he is with jeff sessions on immigration and said it the other night in the debate. he said, go and look at my website. you can see everything i need to know. >> you also got that wrong. you can't filibuster me. you got that wrong. there's daylight between jeff sessions and ted cruz. >> jeff sessions -- >> look it up. they're both separate on the idea of legal immigration. jeff sessions proposed a maemt to limit legal immigration and ted cruz broke with jeff sessions over that because ted
2:27 pm
cruz supports legal immigration. i like cruz. >> i like him, but call him a liar 50 times in one broadcast. here's the problem, the republican primary and caucus voters see locking of arms in the gang of eight and pushing for it. senator skoourm has said the facts of the facts. senator rubio worked really hard day and night to push it. so the question for the voters is us. will you be able to forgiver marco rubio for his position on amnesty? >> and the i think voters need to ask themselves, do they trust ted cruz. you can like ted all you want, but if you don't trust him when he's telling you something -- >> and that's really what it's come down to. less of where they are now or where they came from, whether or not there's a trust issue. now, marco rubio's saying there's a trust issue with ted cruz. ted cruz supporters would say, no, no, he's never flip-flopped. you're misunderstanding -- >> and the rubio people want this contest to not talk about
2:28 pm
substance, they want you to look at the two senators and want it to come down to two young senators, who has more friends in the senate, who's more likable? >> got to leave it right there, kelly ann, ruben, great debate. thank you very much. plenty more ahead. should the gop fold its tent. that's what rush limbaugh seems to be suggesting. we'll tell you what has him so upset at the republican party. also ahead, bill's big post-debate interview with donald trump mo. hope you stay tuned for those reports. try alka-seltzer heartburn reliefchews. they work fast and don't taste chalky. mmm...amazing. i have heartburn. alka-seltzer heartburn reliefchews. enjoy the relief.
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live from america's news headquarters, i'm arthel neville. the democratic party and the bernie sanders campaign reaching an agreement to restore the campaign's access to the party voter database ahead of tonight's big debate. sanders' access was taken away after his staffer was accused of spying on hillary clinton's campaign files. the sanders campaign file sued to get it back. many of his supporters accuse the dnc of unfairly supporting clinton's bid for president. the u.n. security council aproving a blueprint in hopes it would lead to peace in syria. the resolution includes a cease-fire, but does not mention the future role of syrian president assad. secretary of state john kerry calls the resolution a milestone. i'm arthel neville. see you at the top of the hour with eric shawn. o'reilly factfactor.
2:33 pm
in the unr in the unresolved problem segment tonight, enraged conservatives. congress this week passed a $1.1 trillion spending bill and some prominent voices on the right are not happy about it. >> now the republicans have the largest number of seats in the house they've had in congress since the civil war. and it hasn't made any difference at all. it is as though nancy pelosi is still running the house and harry reid is still running the senate. betrayed is not even the word here. what has happened here is worse than betrayal and betrayal's pretty bad, but it's worse than that. this was out and out in our face lying from the campaigns to individual statements made about the philosophical approach republicans had to all this
2:34 pm
spending. there is no republican party. you know, we don't even need a republican party if you're going to do this. just elect democrats, disband the republican party, let the democrats run it, because that's what's happening anyway. >> some pretty strong words there. with us, reaction now, jessica tarlove is democratic strategist, and kathy lynn taylor, a republican strategist. kathy, are conservatives like rush there, are they justified in feeling betrayed by paul ryan? >> well, look, the spending bill is egregious. it's irresponsible. back in the 60s. entitlements were 30% of our budget. today, they're over 60% of our budget. you know what we would need to do if we wanted to have no debt, guarantee lower taxes for everyone? every single american. that's you, me, everyone, would have to pay $232,000 out of their pocket. that's including every baby born this minute to get rid of it. >> jess, what about it? a lot of people are saying, john boehner started this, paul ryan
2:35 pm
took the ball and ran with it. now we have a $1.1 trillion spending bill. which also leaves out language to defund planned parenthood. a lot of conservatives wanted that -- >> not exactly. back in september with the planned parenthood fight, actually, 56% of republicans didn't want the government to fund it over this. if we go back to 2013 when ted cruz did his famous shutdown, you have a majority of americans, 80% disapproved of it. a majority of republicans and two of three right-leaning independents were voters you guys need come 2016. i don't think it's a mistake. 63% of americans want compromise in washington. paul ryan made it clear we wanted to work with democrats. i don't know why you should be demonizing people who are actually doing what they're sent to washington to do. >> part of the problem is that three quarters of the republicans voted in favor of this. and, by the way, this also funds every single immigration program in place right now, it's fully funded through the september of '16. >> right.
2:36 pm
i completely disagree. spending is completely out of control and i think all of america and trump's rise is a great indication of that. americans are angry and they're frustrated. and it's not just republicans who are angry. democrats are not happy and have not had it better with obamacare and all of these enormous spending in both, you know, anti-poverty programs and medical programs. but, you know, what's really important here, the gop is like a ship missing in the night. we need to stand up and define what we're for and invite people in. it's a little like jeb bush's problem earlier in the campaign. and that's where rush limbaugh is really correct. >> but you can't -- but it's not just about saying -- you know, the things he said, we gave up on planned parenthood and climate change, these are not winners for the republican party and it is time to move on. >> but why should we sacrifice -- >> medicaid reimbursements -- >> jess, jess. over here, over here. >> you talk about compromise, with right? >> i do. >> what'd the democrats give up in this spending bill? >> well, all that crude oil --
2:37 pm
>> see, you can't even come up with it. and rush's point was that democrats got just about everything that they wanted in this bill. it sounds like the compromise has been on the republican side. and they have the house and the senate. >> it has been. and we've had spending increases in the 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, and it's never worked. we're at a crisis point in our country, economically, from a security perspective. now we're going to throw more money at the problem? >> obviously they're just getting out-maneuvered consistently. the democrats even with a minority are just better at playing politics. so what can republicans do then? >> we need to define what we stand for. >> and here's what happened. when the government shut down over spending, everyone blamed the republicans and they took it. they said, yeah, that's our -- and it wasn't. it was never their problem. he could have put it right back on president obama. now every time there's a threat to shut down the government, the republicans go, we don't want
2:38 pm
that again. so where's the check? i'll sign. >> you cannot win the game playing defense. we need to start playing -- >> hundreds of thousands of people were furloughed. $24 billion lost the american economy. you think that was a good idea? that's what we should do? >> no, no one's saying that. the republicans hate it. took the blame for the shut down the first time. >> why are the republicans so afraid of mentioning we'll go to a shutdown again? that's because no one wants it. >> kathy, jessica, thank you very much. up next, donald trump in the no-spin zone faces off with bill. that's directly ahead. ectly ahe. the flu virus. it's a really big deal. and with fever, aches, and chills, mom knows it needs a big solution: an antiviral. don't kid around with the flu, call your doctor within the first 48 hours of symptoms and ask about prescription tamiflu. attack the flu virus at its source with tamiflu, an antiviral that helps stop it from spreading in the body. tamiflu in liquid form is fda approved
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than thanks for staying with us tonight. i'm eric bowling in for bill o'reilly. we continue now with this special edition of "the factor." back by popular demand, o'reilly, trump and their post debate face-off. >> i want you to think back to when bush was calling you a chaotic guy. and you struck back in your own inimitable way and said he was a loser and you were trouncing him in the polls. do you feel bad when you're
2:43 pm
doing that? >> look, he's doing very badly. he's got a very, very low number. i mean, i don't even know if he can continue forward. he spent like $50 million. i've spent nothing. and i mean, even behind me, i have 15,000 people who showed up on very short notice. there's something going on. but bush is a -- look, he's a person who is just not been able to carry it forward. people, if he has a rally, you have, what, 20 people show up for his rallies. so it's not working. >> more than that. >> bill, i don't blame him. he's got to do something, because, obviously, if he's got two in the poll or three in the poll, he's got to be doing something. i don't really blame him. >> but do you feel badly when you're saying, look, you're a loser, you're going down the stage and you'll probably be off the stage next time. people want to know how you feel when you say stuff like that. >> i don't like doing it. i don't like saying bad things about jeb bush. i feel a little bit sorry for him, to be honest with you.
2:44 pm
and i don't like saying bad things about him. but you have to understand, he struck first. i mean, it was all stage stuff. some guy wrote it for him and he came out and right from day one, right from minute one, he came out and he attacked. >> but they all feel that way. >> no, they don't. actually, he was really the only one, of any consequence that went after me and a couple of little shots. but his whole thing was about going after me, and they wrote it out, just like his pollsters said. he repeated whatever his pollster told him to do and i thought it was inappropriate. >> i was surprised they didn't come after you with the muslim stuff more. some of the candidates -- >> they were barely mentioned. >> -- made passing references. >> barely mentioned. >> were you surprised? if i were debating you, i would have hit you right between the eyes, look, lei, the federal courts will never allow you to bar muslims coming into this country, so why are you saying it? that's what i would have said. were you surprised the others
2:45 pm
didn't come after you on it? >> well, i guess i'm glad i'm not running against you then. the fact is, i think the federal courts could do it and i think we probably would be -- we're not talking about our citizens, we're talking about people coming from outside, some of whom are not looking at us in a very positive manner. and i think the federal courts would be open to that and i have some very great legal scholars telling me that's true. so let's see what happens. >> all right. >> nevertheless, bill, it's a subject that should be discussed and it has been discussed and now people are saying, you know what, and i'm talking about muslims are calling me that are friends. i have a lot of friends that are muslims and they're saying, really, this is a subject that should be discussed. >> and i've said that all along in defense of you, that you raise questions and you raise issues that we should talk about. however, however, you know charles krauthammer, right? you know charles. >> i have no respect for him whatsoever. i have no respect for him -- i think he's a very pious --
2:46 pm
>> you should watch the debate i had with him about you last night. >> i did. and i appreciate my defense. >> i was defending your campaign -- he doesn't think you have the policy jobs. and other people feel the same way. you don't have the policy chops. so when you say -- >> i think i do. i think i know more about policy than just about anybody. >> and millions of people are coming to you and you're winning. and that's what i told him. i told him that your campaign is brilliant and the results are right there. but they don't think you have policy chops. now, are you going to tell me tonight on this program that you don't say stuff just to get to the emotion of the voter? i know you do! >> i'll tell you that right now, i don't. i'm doing the right thing. i bring up subjects that are important. i bring up illegal immigration. i got hit so hard with that, and if i didn't bring it up, you wouldn't even be talking about illegal immigration. you wouldn't be talking about
2:47 pm
it. >> so you're telling me, you don't do this to whip up the base and whip up your crowd? >> i don't, i don't. i do what's right. we're going to make america great again. i say what's right. i say what's on my mind. and that's what's happening. and that's why i have 42 and guys like bush have 2. >> but that's based on emotion. surely you know it's based on emotion. >> i say what's right. >> okay. when you say you're going to take out -- we discussed this last week. you're going to take out the families of the terrorists. now, i didn't take that literally, that donald trump's going to get elected and put out hits on women and children. i didn't take it literally. but some people did! and you must know that. >> i am looking at families, where they know exactly what the husband is going to do, when they want to fly planes into the world trade center, when they want to blow up planes, when they want to blow out all sorts of shopping areas and other areas and cause problems. the families know what's going on, bill, believe me. >> but you're not going to
2:48 pm
assassinate them. you might arrest them. but you're not going to assassinate them -- >> i don't know what i'd do. >> you don't know what you'd do? come on! >> bill, they care more about their families than they do themselves. >> so you're going to assassinate them? >> when a wife knows exactly what the husband's going to do and the husband goes up and he knocks out 200 people with a -- >> you arrest her. >> i would do pretty severe stuff, as far as i'm concerned. >> up next, who gained, who lost after this week's big gop debate. we've the story directly ahead.
2:49 pm
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. in the back of the books segment tonight, donald trump, total domination. the first new fox news poll was just released and here are the results. trump is in first place.
2:52 pm
39%. his highest showing ever in an fnc poll. cruz is a distant seven at 18%, followed by rubio, 11%. carson at 9% and everyone else including former front-runner, jeb bush, is at 3% or below. joining us now for reaction, larry, director for uva center of politics and in boston, a reporter for real clear politics. kaitlyn, the headline on the poll is -- >> well, trump shows no signs of fading away and we're just seven weeks away from when voters actually start weighing in. in iowa and new hampshire. but i also think this poll shows and others and as well as the results of the debate, so, this field is narrowing a bit.
2:53 pm
trump, cruz, rubio, i think are considered the top tier. i think christie is another wild card, depending on how he does in new hampshire, where he has momentum. >> christie's polling at 3% on the fox news poll. larry, is it trump's 39% or the distance between trump's 39 and the mid pack, the 18, 11 and 9, cruz, rubio, carson. >> they're both headlines. i've seen several other polls like this. where trump is in the low 40s. so, you know, when you see a group of national polls clustering the same area, it underlines the fact that a a candidate is doing well. the flip side is that people that the punditocracy, jeb bush, chris christie, they're at 3%. 3%. i grant you, iowa and new hampshire, they're at least new hampshire, they're higher and iowa and new hampshire matter more than the national polls. that's got to be the hope of the
2:54 pm
rest of the group except cruz is doing very well. >> kaitlyn, stay on the national fold here. from the last fnc poll, has increased his number by 11%. went from 28 to 39%. cruz also increased. bush decreased, ben carson decreased 9%, so a lot of the slide that carson has had was picked up by trump and cruz. >> i think cruz has been picking up carson's support. he's been aiming to pick up his support in iowa specifically. and if you look at even these numbers and other polls, cruz does well mock the voters who will help propel him in iowa. trump and cruz, you know, appear to be consolidating their respective bases of smort. and then you have the
2:55 pm
establishment laying very fractured and i think that is helping trump continue to rise. >> and is it time for the republican party or the, this election season, to pare the field down? time to have four, five strong candidates? >> it's that time, maybe it's past that time, eric, we need to thin the herd. i think almost everyone agrees that when you watch a debate with nine or ten people and have got an under card, it's just too many people. time to clarify the choice and yes, iowa and new hampshire and south carolina will clarify the choice. the sooner, the better because republicans have a critical decision to make. >> kaitlyn, looks like there are four candidates with nine or above percentage and everyone else is three or below. is it making the case to go forward? >> it's difficult this time around because you have half the field, new hampshire, to help
2:56 pm
propel their campaign and everybody in that kind of establishment lane has thought that trump would fade at some point. this idea of why not me? why don't i stay and see what happens? and so, it's hard to see candidates dropping out of at this point with seven weeks to go until voters actually start voting. you could see a little thinning of the herd, but i think new hampshire is really where we're going to see you know, that make or break state. >> quickly, only a couple of seconds. these candidates, they're going to stick around through iowa and new hampshire and that's when the herd gets thin? >> i think that should be when it is and that's when the donors are going to say i'm zipping up my wallet. thank you very much. >> got to leave it there. t thank you very much. up next, a special christmas message from bill o'reilly. back with that in just a second. much. next, a special christmas
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2:59 pm
welcome back. before we go tonight, a very special christmas message from bill. >> i would like to thank everyone who has bought stuff in the bill o' christmas store. over the year, we have donated millions of dollars to fine charities, some of which are listed on the website. now, i can do that because of you, so, with christmas coming up quickly, we hope you go to the bill o' christmas store, get some great gifts knowing you're helping the less fortunate and the gifts will make people happy. merry christmas. >> as bill just said, there are plenty of great gifts , so you can stock up for your friends and family. in addition to what you see on the screen, we have the legends and lies dvd and that's it for us tonight. thank you for watch iing this special. also, be sure to watch my show cashing in airing saturday morngs at 11:30 eastern here on
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fnc and remember the spin stops here. we're looking out for you. as you know, remain on edge across the nation as fears rise that some isis supporters could carry out more attacks on the homeland. the most recent carnage in san bernardino of course still fresh on the mind of many of us. hello for this evening, welcome to a brand-new hour of america's news headquarters. >> topping the news this hour, a pennsylvania man is arrested in an fbi raid. jaleel aziz is accused of aiding isis in spreadingi


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